SCO Spring 2020 Concert Cancelled

A message from Janice Mitchell, Scruffy City Orchestra Board President:


March 16, 2020

Dear Musicians of Scruffy City Orchestra:

In Saturday’s newspaper, my horoscope for Aquarius read:  Troubles are always relative.  Each person deals with life on a certain scale which can be similar or vastly different from your own.  A storm in a teacup can be disastrous for a gnat.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally, the last two weeks have been challenging for us all.

In order to protect our musicians from COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Board of Directors for Scruffy City Orchestra, in an emergency-called meeting Thursday evening, made the decision to cancel the rest of the concert season 2019-2020.  This cancellation will include all the remaining rehearsals in March and April as well as the outreach concert at the Boys and Girls Club in downtown Knoxville on Thursday, April 23rd and at Sacred Heart Cathedral as part of the Cathedral Concert Series on Friday, May 1st…..

Rehearsals for concert season 2020-2021 will begin on Thursday, August 20th.  The first concert will be the music that would have been played at the cancelled concerts….  The Board of Directors will be doing our job to get the new season in place as quickly as possible….

I encourage you to continue practicing and honing your skills on the sections of the pieces we have been rehearsing.  It’s a disappointment that we have all worked so hard with Ace’s directions, conducting, and musical interpretation to get to this point in our concert season and to have to call it quits…..

We will carry on and re-group on August 20th.